Download RCC Beam Design Free App for Designing Reinforced Concrete Beams

RCC Beam Design is a free app for designing reinforced concrete beams.

• RCC Design and detailing could be performed by Limit State Method based on Indian Standards
• Option to save the design projects in local storage.
• Detailed calculation steps presented for verification.
• Graphical presentation of design results.

Key Features:
✔ Option to specify the beam dimensions.
✔ Option to choose from various grades of Steel and Concrete.
✔ Option to provide main reinforcement and shear reinforcement diameter.
✔ Option to provide loading on the beam.
✔ Auto calculation of the dead weight of the beam.
✔ Check for conformity of minimum reinforcement bar size and cover as per the Indian standards.
✔ Auto calculation of beam dimensions and reinforcement requirement.
✔ Design based on Limit State Method for the design of RCC beams.
✔ Detailed calculation steps provided separately for main and shear reinforcement.
✔ The user can thus check all the detailed calculations and hence verify the design.
✔ Results presented in summarized and detailed format.

Download RCC Beam Design Free App

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