Design Reinforced Concrete Building using MIDAS GEN 2015

When concrete having low tensile strength and ductility is mixed with highly tensile and ductile reinforcements like steel bars to enhance the overall strength of the concrete, then it is Reinforced Concrete.

A reinforced concrete building consists of RC framework, where the horizontal members are called beams, vertical members are called columns and flat plans of concrete are called slabs. Columns are the most important structures as they hold the complete load of the building.

The video presented here is uploaded by Cyprien Rusu who is an experienced mechanical engineer. Video gives the idea for designing Reinforced Concrete Building based on wind load, floor load and seismic loads. The methodologies used here are Spectrum Response Analysis and P-Delta Analysis which shows the contribution of all the vibrations and deflections respectively in the members of the structure.

Complete design is prepared using Midas Gen 2015, an integrated structural analysis software. Design data used for seismic load calculation are Dual system in transverse direction, Special moment frame in longitudinal direction and Assigned to a seismic zone.

The video also gives information about the working practice of Midas Gen 2015 software. It illustrates the use of codes, designing of beams and columns, designing different members of the building using different parameters.

Design Reinforced Concrete Building using MIDAS GEN 2015

Download Seismic Design for Reinforced Concrete Building PDF for at: