U+I to masterplan new £3.5bn Cambridge quarter

Developer U+I has been appointed masterplanner and promoter to transform a water recycling centre site in north Cambridge into a new £3.5bn northern quarter for the city.

Landowners Anglian Water and Cambridge City Council are also working with development partner TOWN and a design team led by Urbed on the scheme.



Wylfa nuclear power station accepted for planning

The Planning Inspectorate has formally accepted plans to build two nuclear reactors adjacent to the existing Wylfa power station in Anglesey.

Horizon Nuclear Power submitted 41,000 pages to support its development consent order application last month.

Following the statutory 28-day period of review by the Planning Inspectorate to ensure it met the standards required, it has now been accepted.

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Skanska Papworth hospital job fails cladding check

Skanska has suffered a major setback on its £165m Papworth hospital project after flammable cladding was found fitted to the building.

The contractor was due to hand over the high-profile project next month but now this will be delayed for several months while the substandard cladding is replaced.



Plans in for Nottingham £300m Boots Island scheme

Aim-listed Conygar Investments has submitted plans for a major mixed-use scheme at the Boots Island 40-acre site in Nottingham.

The outline planning application is for 2m sq ft of offices, residential, student accommodation and a variety of leisure and other uses located in a vibrant campus setting.

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M&G and Durkan sign £71m London PRS deal

Developer Durkan and investment firm M&G have secured a £71m deal to finance and build a new private rented scheme in east London.

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Review and Download Construction Estimator Calculator for FREE

This app specially developed for Civil engineer but any one can use it.The construction Estimator helps you calculate the cost to build your new building,garage ,Home Or any Type Construction.

Just select the type of your construction and then enter the required fields. Cost to build will do the rest and provide you with a cost summary.

The cost to build calculator is fast, accurate and it’s free to use. Make your selection above to begin.

Cost estimation in any project is most difficult work. We don’t know that what will be the cost of your desired project.

Now construction estimator is an android base application which will calculate your project cost in an accurate way. It will calculate your cost for two type of building, one is for large building and one for small house etc. Main feature are Calculate slap, stairs, Beam, Column, walls, floor and plaster etc.

Construction Estimator Calculator for FREE


Review and Download Objective Civil Engineering Hand Book for FREE

“Civil Engineering Hand book” has been complied primarily for the “Practical man” and should prove a most and should prove a most useful work of reference to the young Civil engineers of various public works departments.The Civil Engineering object of this volume is to give a fairly complete but concise account of the various subjects to serve as a ready reference for everyday-work problems in Civil Engineering Department which constantly con-front the Civil Engineers. Whether in the Civil Engineer Site office or in the field, without having to wade through numerous site notes. Civil Engineering construction practices, especially in design specifications for construction materials, buildings and bridges, safety and health concerns, and the most current codes changes including ACI, AISC, ASTM, NDS for wood structures, etc.

In this Civil Engineer Hand Book Fully Consist of Under below Topics are
** Weight and Measure
** Mathematics
** Applied Mechanics & Bending Moments In Beam
** Properties of Structural Steel Sections & Design Tables (Indian Standards) IS CODE
** Properties & Uses of Metals
** Foundation Design a Construction
** General Masonry Structures Design & Construction
** RCC – Reinforced Cement Concrete & Reinforced Brick work
** Timber Structures
** Design of Simple Steel Structures
** RCC Roofs
** Building Materials Properties
** Arboriculture
** Hydraulics
** Water Supply
** Drainage and Sewage
** Irrigation
** Roads & Highways
** Bridges & Culverts
** Estimating & Quantities

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Review and Download Objective Civil Engineering Hand Book for FREE

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Review and Download Basic Civil Engineering App for Free

Engineering Hub presenting Basic Civil Engineering App for civil engineers. This is a free app comes with all basic information related to civil engineering.

The app is very useful for beginners and students.Engineering Hub presenting Basic Civil Engineering App for civil engineers. This is a free app comes with all basic information related to civil engineering. The app is very useful for beginners and students.

Chapter 1 Engineering Materials

1. Stones 2. Bricks 3. Cement 4. Lime 5. Timber 6. Timber Testing 7. Concrete 8. concrete testing

Chapter 2 Building construction

1. Elements of Building Construction 2. Foundations conventional spread footings 3. RCC footings 4. brick masonry walls 5. POINTING AND PLASTERING 6. floors and their types 7. Roofs 8. Doors and Window9. lintels

Chapter 3 Surveying & Positioning

1. Surveying 2. surveying instrument 3. Leveling 4. thedolites 5. plane tables procedure 6. Electronic surveying instruments 7. TOPOGRAPHICAL SURVEYS – DIRECT LEVELLING 8. Making topographical radiating surveys 9. Making topographical surveys with non-sighting levels 10. Longitudinal profile levelling by traversing 11. contour 12. Reciprocal leveling

Chapter 4 Mapping & Sensing

1. maps details and contour 2. Prismatic compass survey 3. Dumpy level 4. measurement of areas 5. measurement of areas 6. Using a base line to subdivide land areas

Basic Civil Engineering

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Download RCC Beam Design Free App for Designing Reinforced Concrete Beams

RCC Beam Design is a free app for designing reinforced concrete beams.

• RCC Design and detailing could be performed by Limit State Method based on Indian Standards
• Option to save the design projects in local storage.
• Detailed calculation steps presented for verification.
• Graphical presentation of design results.

Key Features:
✔ Option to specify the beam dimensions.
✔ Option to choose from various grades of Steel and Concrete.
✔ Option to provide main reinforcement and shear reinforcement diameter.
✔ Option to provide loading on the beam.
✔ Auto calculation of the dead weight of the beam.
✔ Check for conformity of minimum reinforcement bar size and cover as per the Indian standards.
✔ Auto calculation of beam dimensions and reinforcement requirement.
✔ Design based on Limit State Method for the design of RCC beams.
✔ Detailed calculation steps provided separately for main and shear reinforcement.
✔ The user can thus check all the detailed calculations and hence verify the design.
✔ Results presented in summarized and detailed format.

Download RCC Beam Design Free App

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Review and Download Rowan Beam Calculator – Tool for Students and Engineers

Tool for Students and Engineers in civil engineering to make simple beam,steel column calculation in Your android device.

Simple Usage:

a) Choose form
b) Enter values (Length, Horizontal distance, Load etc.)
c) Calculate (Moment, Reaction load, Shear forces etc.)

version 10.0 – INITIAL (beta) version for Steel column EC3
version 9.0 – INITIAL(beta) version for Steel beam EC3
version 8.0 – added deflection estimation for 3 beam forms
version 7.0 – 2 additional beam forms added + small changes in background
version 6.0 – 1 additional beam form added
version 5.0 – 3 additional beam forms added
version 4.0 – 3 additional beam forms added
version 3.0 – 3 additional beam forms added
version 2.0 – 5 beam forms loaded
Review and Download Rowan Beam Calculator
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